What We Believe About Giving

When we give from the heart, we grow in faith, compassion, contentment, and joy. At New Hanover, we strive to maintain a healthy balance between faithful giving and sound financial management.

The Bible teaches us to give a tithe – the first 10% of what we earn – to God and the work of the church. For some, giving 10% is a difficult goal, and for others, it is a starting point. The important thing is that giving is proportional to income, that it reflects an appropriate offering to God given your means, and that it expresses both the desire to serve the Lord and your investment in His work.

Each November, members of our church submit Estimate of Giving cards for the upcoming year. These cards are an expression of gratitude and praise to God,  and represent prayerful consideration. On a practical note, these cards allow our church to budget and plan for ministries, key objectives, and outreach programs.

Our current capital campaign, Renewing God’s Promise, is seeking to raise one million dollars over three years for missions, outreach, and physical improvements at New Hanover.

For an easy, cost-effective option for tithing, click the button below.

Automated giving


We give 100% of the offering received during our Christmas Eve services to specific missions.


$86,376.21 for Villa Fontana UMC  in Carolinas, Puerto Rico to rebuild their church after being devastated by hurricane Maria 


$82, 349 A new High School, Lonjezo High School, in Malawi, led by Gibozi Mphanzi and other Urban Promise International trained Fellows


$46,186 for UrbanPromise Camden for new playground equipment


$69,032 for UrbanPromise International Girl’s Orphanage in Malawi


$33,019 for Teen Challenge // $3,000 for Team Kye // $24,522 for a van for the Morath Family


$51,698 for Push the Rock Zambia and the Thuma Family


$18,909 for Ministries at Main Street // $18,774 for Operation Backpack


$32,045 for Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities