Support Ministries

New Hanover's Support Ministries meet people wherever they are in life. The goal of these ministries is to share the love of Jesus with people who are struggling with or recovering from life's battles. While the focus varies among ministries offered, the groups in our support ministries are here to help, uplift, and encourage those who need it.



Stephen Ministry

The Stephen Ministry provides care for people who are experiencing challenges in life such as grief, divorce, sadness, or other major life changes. Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who receive 50 hours of training to provide high quality, confidential, Christian care for people in need at New Hanover. A Stephen Minister focuses on one person at a time, meeting with them once a week for about an hour, for as long as they need care. The one-on-one focus of the Stephen Ministry provides a depth of care that goes beyond what can be provided by the pastoral staff. If you or someone you know would benefit from the care of a Stephen Minister, contact Ana Gallardo.


Lay Pastors

Lay Pastors are people who have the character, commitment, and skills to assist pastors in providing care to the congregation. Through presence, prayers, and practical support, Lay Pastors help people connect with the love of God, especially during major life events. They visit individuals at home or in the hospital, send cards, and assist in funerals and special services, including Ash Wednesday and Longest Night services. If you are a member of this congregation and are gifted in compassion, counseling, humility, emotional maturity, and integrity, contact Ana Gallardo about becoming a Lay Pastor.


Celebrate Recovery / Celebration Place

A nationally-known Christ-centered recovery program, Celebrate Recovery (and its partner program for kids, Celebration Place) has a home at New Hanover. For anyone struggling with hurts, hang-ups or addictions of any kind (substance, anger, food, etc.).


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Providing support and care for people going through or able to encourage those struggling with the end of a marriage.


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Guardian Angel Ministry

The Guardian Angel Ministry supports our freshmen college-aged students by pairing them with people from our congregation who have a heart for young people. Students provide their interests and information, and a Guardian Angel “adopts” them. Angels send emails, mail, care packages, prayer – anything that lets the student know they are cared for and loved. Students can be supported by individuals, pairs, families, or even Small Groups. If you are a freshmen college student, click here to fill out a form, and a Guardian Angel will be assigned to you at the beginning of the fall semester. If you would like to become a Guardian Angel, contact Marjorie Compton.


Prayer Shawls

The Prayer Shawl Ministry creates shawls and other items for people in need of prayer and comfort. As they knit or crochet, they pray for the person who will receive the item, and all items are also prayed over by the pastors during services. Since 2011, this ministry has crafted over 700 shawls, caps, bunnies, and bears. If you would like to request a shawl for yourself or a loved one, or if you would like more information about this ministry, contact Kathy Kijak.